Metropolitan Pistol Club

Metropolitan Pistol Club Brisbane

Target Pistol Shooting is a fun, exciting sport for the whole family—anyone aged 11 or older can participate.

At Metropolitan Pistol Club we have a huge range of different disciplines to try, with lots of shooting ranges, which means more time available for you to shoot when it suits you.

Whether you want to shoot in competitions or just challenge yourself to improve, we have a great variety of shooting disciplines – so you’ll find something to suit you. The sport comes with strict safety and police guidelines which makes it an extremely safe sport.

Shooting Disciplines

Metropolitan Pistol Club is host to a wide variety of shooting disciplines. Each discipline caters to different styles and interests of each shooter.

Maybe you’re after the cool, calm and collected precision work shown in ISSF, or the fast and furious action of ISPC and ICORE? Perhaps you’d like the (literal!) sound of knocking over Metallic Silhouettes out to 100m using big calibres, or maybe you’d prefer dressing up for some Cowboy Action or shooting clay pigeons with Shotguns? Try them all and see what you like!

Getting Started in Shooting

Getting involved in the exciting sport of pistol shooting is a fairly straightforward process. It’s extremely safe and fun for all the family. Anyone from the age of 11 can compete. Under 18s will require parental / guardian (who is a licensed club member) consent to shoot. Juniors (11–17yo) have free membership (must be directly related to a licensed MPC member).

Note: Metropolitan Pistol Club is not set up for casual shooters or unlicensed members of the public to come and try out shooting handguns, unless you directly know a MPC member. Guests must fill out paperwork (Form 33) and pay a $13/visit range fee, and must be under the direct supervision of the MPC member at all times.

Belmont Shooting Complex

1485 Old Cleveland Road,

Belmont QLD 4153

PO Box 38, Carina QLD 4152

Ph: 07 3398 4309

Enter the complex via the front gate on Old Cleveland Road.